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overnight. clear and cold. 30 to 39. your complete out look, election day weather, and the forecast for next wednesday, coming up. >> speaking of the election, four days to go. the candidates have a packed schedule for the next four days with stops in the battleground states, including of course regina. they spend their time in the biggest -- of course virginia. they spent their time in the biggest battleground of all. >> these are the craziest campaign schedules you will see this cycle. they have to take advantage of every hour. as they crisscrossed the country, on this, the final friday. >> there is a science to this last-minute stumping. four men, four states. a chance of four more days instead of four more years, mitt romney has put the badger state in play. >> thanks to ann romney -- next to ann romney, paul ryan is the best choice i have ever made. >> with these guys, it always depends. who you're talking to. what state you are in. >> how about ohio? that is for the president spoke three times to dead. remember every president since truman has upheld the bellwether state. >> we may hav
obama. clinton with the president. the impact sandy is having on the elections. >> this is something that neither campaign predicted. both sides say they have hit the button, and not completely. overall, during the most critical part of the campaign, in ang both teams g position. deteriorating conditions, a arrived back in d.c. and the exact time he was be stumping in florida. >> i was supposed to be the man for president obama. >> the president said his day job was the top focus. >> our number one priority is to are saving lives. >> mitt romney in ohio pleaded for donations of a different kind. >> if you think about making a to the red cross. >> a complete halt, both teams is spending campaign events. mitt romney bus used to deliver food and walter. they're encouraging people to take in those yard signs so they e dangerousm projectiles. of it all is pivotal, .ust eight days left many wonder what election will if there are widespread power outages. >> their plan for extended hours for absentee voting. >> it would mean -- voters might as a blessing, the loss of campaign commercials an
the presidential election and sandy is already having an impact on the campaign. >> scott thuman is in the newsroom to show us how. close the campaign has been altered. they're still trying to exudes a sense of leadership. it is one they're trying to make the most out of. >> the president skipped the traditional planned rally and instead of rally the troops. >> cut through red tape and bureaucracy. >> joe biden was in a video conference from ohio. time is running short. what the president will tour the damage personally in new jersey. for romney, he relabeled this campaign event a plea for help. >> are going to block these up and put them on trucks. >> here in arlington the bus was used to drop off of nations headed for new jersey. meanwhile, still spreading the message. bill clinton in minnesota, ann romney in wisconsin. the real concern? election day. residents might still be concerned with where to live, not where to vote. >> the above canceled major campaign events in virginia because of the storm. they will be making up those days. ronny will make three stops on friday in virginia -- romney wi
for weeks, but the election coming up, the go on.n must will indicate how both spent the day and how on thes having an impact race. live to maryland for rescues and close calls. is tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00. get anothert's check of our weather. it is cloudy and chilly in the area. we look out west from the rooftop, right along route 50. we had some sunshine earlier, but that has disappeared. be cloudy through the evening hours. will bek-or-treaters dry. skies and fairly light winds. now that reagan national airport. 52 degrees in fredericksburg. continues, but it weakens a little bit. you see the extent of the circulation from southern through the carolinas, decreasing amounts of precipitation associated with circulation of is northd most of that the metro area. just a couple of little -- the 946 millibar was the loweste hurricaned falling cape hatteras. the storm surge at battery park record, and at one point, 580 milesinfield of the second-largest on record. we will watch high tide coming in the next few hours and e on the potomac river as that could reach height late tonight or tomorr
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4